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The Wingwomen app is the first and only membership platform that crowdsources women’s perspectives to help you improve your dating game and love life.

Multiple Female Perspectives

There's no one-size-fits-all approach with women

Use our network of friendly female mentors to get individualised feedback on issues like interpreting text messages, optimising dating profiles, and coping with rejection.

Wingwomen is an insider's view into the female mind.

Judgment-Free Advice
Confidential 1:1 Conversation

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About Us

Founded in 2024 by lesbian entrepreneurs Cyntia Miyashita and Imogen Roy, Wingwomen, envisions a world of empathetic, open communication between genders, aiming to dismantle the taboos around men's emotional expression.

Our platform empowers our female mentors to lead cultural change by sharing their unique insights on women's desires, whilst equipping men with the skills to be exceptional romantic partners and allies.