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"Ask Any Lesbian" is an innovative platform offering relationship advice, stemming from the unique insights of founders Cyntia Miyashita and Imogen Roy. Transitioning from engineering to entrepreneurship, Cyntia identified a gap in the market for genuine women's advice directed at single straight men. Imogen after working with thousands of women realised that the opposite sex needed help communicating their needs to each other.

Inspired by her own experiences and success with relationships, she recognized the reluctance many men felt in seeking advice due to societal perceptions. The platform employs lesbian advisors to offer authentic guidance on relationships, dating, and love. Distinctively, the startup combines expertise from psychology, consulting, and relationship counseling to aid men in understanding women better. The core goal of "Ask Any Lesbian" is to provide an open, non-judgmental space for candid conversations on love and relationships, breaking down barriers of fear and misunderstanding.

two person holding papercut heart
two person holding papercut heart

Our mission

We are on a mission to empower men to better understand, connect with, and satisfy women by providing personalized, insightful advice from experienced lesbian advisors. Our goal is to foster healthy and fulfilling relationships by breaking down barriers, addressing the unique challenges faced by men in the dating world, and transforming them into expert lovers.

Through our services, we aim to create a community where men can gain confidence, improve their communication skills, and ultimately contribute to a more respectful, supportive, and satisfying environment for all.

Our vision

"Ask Any Lesbian" seeks to transform how men approach and understand relationships, breaking down traditional gender barriers and promoting open dialogue and respect.

Through the insights of our lesbian advisors, we aim to be the primary resource for men needing genuine relationship advice.

Our ultimate goal is a world where men are empathetic, women are valued, and relationships flourish due to shared understanding.

aerial photography of city during night time
aerial photography of city during night time

Our team

Cyntia Miyashita


Imogen Roy


Michael Schreiber

Advisor / CEO Funlab Group

Sonia Ouarti

Advisor/ Business Mentor